RD Velho participated in the Mechanical Engineering of Valtra’s new series A Tractor

RD Velho participated in the design of Valtra’s new series A tractor.  In addition to new engines and power transmission, a new kind of Valtra G8 cabin was introduced to the market. The aim of the mechanical engineering and design was to create an easy-to-use machine with supreme operational comfort that adjusts to different working conditions and needs.

The result of the project is a modern and more efficient work machine in the 75–130 horsepower efficiency class. The new and stylish cabin is ergonomic and especially quiet. Visibility in various directions is also excellent, says Product Development Manager Ville Viitasalo from Valtra.

Velho’s task included adjusting Agco’s common platform to the needs of Valtra’s customers and the production in Suolahti.

In practice, the existing platform needed to be modified and extended by designing suitable plugins and modules. This required careful integration to ensure that the parts create an efficient whole. RD Velho’s team managed this development phase extremely well, says Viitasalo.

In the A4 model series, the number four refers to fourth generation tractors that are extremely diverse and efficient machines suited to use at farms and in various contracting work.

From a prototype to serial production

The design of the series A tractors started three years ago and RD Velho was involved in the process from the very beginning.

We started from scratch to develop and adopt new ways of thinking based on the Common Platform concept. RD Velho offered a close team in one location that we were searching for. This enabled the operating methods to be adopted and the commencement and development of new power transmission versions and hydraulics during a situation of change, says Viitasalo.

The RD Velho team received special praise for its partnership and commitment to the process, which equalled that of Valtra’s own designers.

In my opinion, it is a real achievement that the RD Velho team was able to act as an external partner in a process where we ourselves had a great deal to learn of the new operating model. The ability of RD Velho’s designers to understand the wishes of production, problems identified based on the prototypes, and the development needs required by serial production have been key to the success of the project.

In addition to the Suolahti factory, Valtra’s series A tractors are being manufactured in Brazil, and the production is directed at the international market mainly within Europe. The successful collaboration has continued, as the design of the next generation tractor is already underway, and RD Velho is closely involved in the process.

Further information:
Timo Rauma, Team Leader, Senior Mechanical Designer, tel. +358 50 566 9740timo.rauma@rdvelho.com

Part of the AGCO group, Valtra Oy Ab is a leading manufacturer of tractors in the Nordic countries and one of the most popular trademarks in the Latin America. Valtra develops, manufactures, markets, and services Valtra tractors that are tailored to the needs of each customer. Valtra is one of the five international trademarks of the AGCO group. The Valtra brand is based in Suolahti, which is also where the product development of the entire AGCO group is being implemented.

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