Our mechanical engineering covers all the stages of the engineering process, from technological research to conceptualization, structural engineering, production planning and documentation. Typical applications are machine construction and electromechanics, which comprises welding, sheet metal structures and casts. We use 3D design methods and automation in our work.

Diversity is our strength: We integrate mechanical design into other phases of product development, such as electronics engineering, industrial design, structural analysis and technical documentation.

Design automation

We use design automation when we want to make your deliveries more efficient. Automating a manual process reduces the engineering turnaround time notably.

Machine construction

We have extensive experience in mechanical engineering. We combine industrial design and structural analysis to mechanical design in a very effective way.

Our special skills in the field of machines and devices: vehicles and machinery, machine design, tool design, transporters and cranes, steel structures, working platforms

Electromechanics, electronics casing

In the design of embedded electronic devices, we can combine electronics engineering, industrial design, electronic casing and usability design in an effective way. We take into account the manufacturing costs and optimize the material choices.

Our special skills in electromechanics are: waterproof and dustproof solutions, consumer products, optomechanics, plastic mechanics and die-casting products, precision mechanics, Atex -products

Casting, sheet metal and welded structures

In addition to different manufacturing and material techniques, we have a lot of experience in modelling products. We minimize welding, optimize structures, plan the casting and implement innovative mechanical solutions.

Our special areas of expertise in casting and sheet metal mechanics: sheet metal mechanics and structures, casts and forget products, device guards and distribution cabinets, casing structures

Technical analysis

With the tools of technical analysis we can study the strength, stiffness and vibration properties of structures, mechanical trajectories and loads affecting the parts and joints of the mechanisms. In addition, we can analyze heat transfer and distribution in a structure, the flow of fluids and gases and the pressure and density changes in these.

Technical analysis brings many benefits, such as cost savings, a more in-depth understanding of the product, and thorough support for decision making.

Finite element method, FEM analyses

The FEM analysis covers the stress, trajectories and vibration properties of the structure. The analysis enables optimizing the structure to make it safe and able to handle the necessary loads but affordable to manufacture.

We can carry out all the mechanical tests (overload, ROPS, FOPS or dropping test) virtually.

Computational fluid dynamics, CFD analyses

We analyze the movements of liquids and gases and examine their behavior in a flow. We can also examine the movement and changes in pressure caused by differences in temperature. We can also provide you with aerodynamic and hydrodynamic analyses, for example, for vehicles, as well as analyses on phenomena related to burning or foam formation.

With flow analysis, we can optimize, for example, the amount of energy needed to move the cooling air, and with suitable solutions decrease the pressure loss.

We use flow analysis also in our thermal analysis processes, which allows us to analyze the movement of the heat more accurately, taking into account conduction, convection and radiation.

Product Concept™: a concept for a mechanical product or an embedded system

A product concept in a week. A product concept developed by product development professionals for either a mechanical product or an embedded system. The resulting product concept can be used to start the productization stage.

Download the Product Concept brochure.

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