We provide versatile electronics product-development services ranging from rapid POC (proof of concept) projects to comprehensive product-development projects that include product design and definition, circuit diagram and circuit board design, testing and regulatory approval, and productization.

We have designed products for the following markets: consumer, automotive, marine and industry, all of which have taken into account product requirements, operating conditions, usage patterns and usability.

Embedded devices and systems, IoT solutions

With embedded systems, we provide the Internet of Things (IoT) to meet our customers’ business needs.

Our expert team has strong practical experience in various IoT and measurement technologies, as well as vast knowledge of implementation platforms and their suitability for different industries.

For example, we have designed power supplies, recharging solutions for various battery technologies, microcontroller and microprocessor environments, measurement solutions, and wired and wireless access solutions for our customers.

Circuit diagram and PCB design

We can design Rigid, Flex, Rigid-Flex, HDI, RF and MCPCB circuit boards. Our expertise in various PCB technologies is extensive and we have a strong knowledge of materials, manufacturing technologies and cost factors in PCB design.

Our main tool for PCB design is Mentor Graphics Pads. However, if needed other tools can be used, too.

Testing and prototyping

We carry out modifications and testing of prototype series during product development in our own product-development laboratories. In addition, we are able to quickly implement small POC and hands-on prototype kits.

In addition, we conduct temperature and EMC testing through our partner network.

IoT Plan™: How you can develop your business with the IoT

Learn how to develop your business with the IoT. Commissioning an IoT Plan™ from us will result in a range of solutions for product functionality and product-related service capability, a description of the implementation technology required, and presentation of the user interface. The work is carried out by a service designer, and software, electronics and user interface designers.

Download the IoT Plan brochure.

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