IoT – transparency and efficiency in business

We can design and implement even the most challenging IoT solutions from business concept to complete implementation for your company. With extensive hardware development and sensoring expertise, we can also implement solutions for demanding environments and conditions. In addition, we can develop web and mobile applications from usability design to implementation for most known platforms. With a customized and optimized IoT solution, you can improve the transparency and efficiency of your business.

What on earth is NB-IoT?

Narrowband IoT (NB-IoT) is a global network technology that enables you to connect a large number of devices to the network at a low cost and with high reliability. The data sent by the devices allows you to monitor the operation and production processes in real-time, or even create a completely new business.

Due to its excellent reception, NB-IoT can also be used in more challenging places, such as underground. The technology works especially well on battery-powered devices and with equipment that sends small amounts of measurement data irregularly over a long operating time.

RD Velho and Telia started cooperation on NB-IoT development in autumn 2017. Telia produces an NB-IoT network and IoT platform solution. RD Velho designs and implements the hardware or service solution according to our customer’s needs.

From idea to concrete solution – how to proceed?

Have you wondered how IoT technology could help you open up new business areas? Would you like predictability in maintenance processes? Or perhaps you’d like to optimize the delivery process or bring more transparency to your customers?

Contact us for more details on how we can help you! For each project we choose the most appropriate technology, taking into account the product and business life-cycle requirements. See our references for examples of previous projects.

IoT Plan™: IoT-driven business development

An analysis on how to develop business with the help of IoT. You will receive a presentation of the functions and service opportunities related to the product and a description of the user interface and implementation technology. The team behind the plan includes a service designer and software, electronics and user interface designers.

Download the IoT Plan brochure.

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