Digital innovations alter new requirements for digital security. We help organizations to consider digital security as part of an intelligent and more secure business.

There has been in recent a number of cases where information and cyber incidents have caused a severe business impact and even bankruptcy. Essentially, securing business is started from the top management with a strategic vision of desired security level and cyber resilience. RD Velho is available to help your organization to define the information and cyber security strategy, clarify the security architecture and create security policies that suits your business.

The everyday security work is more and more risk driven. We are ready to help you with the information and cyber security risk management to mitigate potential security incidents. Risk management process that conforms the business needs, is essential to implement practical risk management procedures. We can help to adopt common risk management frameworks, like ISO 31000 or 27005, to process that suits for your business. The existence of risk management process don’t mitigate any risks and therefore we can also help in everyday risk management activities like risk and threat identification, risk assessment and control selection.

Securing your business

  • Strategic approach to information and cyber security
  • Information security management system development and evaluation (ISO 27001)
  • Business continuity planning and development
  • Risk assessment and analysis, development of risk management processes and tools
  • Security architecture definition and analysis

Ensuring privacy

  • Privacy policy definition and implementation
  • Data protection impact assessment DPIA

Secure technology

  • Information and cyber security technology acquisition and rollout support including IAM and SIEM solutions
  • Technical audits
  • Log and monitoring solutions and integration services
  • Secure gateway and data encryption solutions
  • Secure application development

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