We have implemented a number of pragmatic software solutions that are suitable for many different industries. Our solutions have been flexibly implemented based on customer needs and requirements. In our software solutions, we take into account the specificities of the industry and the operating environment.

Pikatiedote — an effective instant-messaging solution for sharing and targeting information by user group

Pikatiedote delivers bulletins efficiently to users’ Windows workstations or virtualized desktops. The solution typically informs users about system-related disruptions or exceptional situations (relating to information management/communication). Releases can be targeted to the entire organization, to different AD user groups, or to individual users.

Kerralla — a powerful desktop menu for centralized application management

Our Kerralla solution makes it easier for the user to perform their day-to-day work as the desktop view comes with only those applications relevant for him, which can be quickly opened through Kerralla. The solution enables the centralized management of application icons on the users’ workstations. Information management can define and publish applications to users in a role-based and centralized manner.

Luvalla — an effective solution for the electronic signing of forms

Luvalla enables the customer to electronically manage the collection, updating and control of your form. The electronic (commitment) form will be displayed to the user on login, so it is quick to sign. Luvalla brings together an up-to-date snapshot of forms and automatically monitors them.


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