Information systems and software

We can implement a variety of software projects and solutions from embedded software and broader IT systems projects to modern location visualization and user interface solutions.

RD Velho is a unique software development partner, as our history of intelligent design, combined with extensive software development expertise and recognized security expertise, enables us to provide a comprehensive offering. If necessary, we can design the needed equipment from the beginning, combining the relevant information, the necessary information systems and service production.

We recognize the needs of our customers’ businesses and can formulate the right solutions for their needs. Our services can be procured as products, solutions, projects or expert services.

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Kimmo Kaario
Site Manager / Head of Software Development
+358 44 386 5550

Out of love for an intelligent world

If you want to evolve through a variety of tasks in a work community where caring for others is a core value, you can be one of us.

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